I went to Stonehenge and all I got was this crappy photo

Whilst driving down to Devon with Heather yesterday, we figured as we were going to be driving past Stonehenge, we’d stop for lunch there. It seemed like a good idea.

Sadly, the area around Stonehenge is a terrible, terrible place for traffic, and we spent an hour crawling along the two mile stretch leading up to the World Heritage Site. One does get quite a good view from the road, though!

When we finally arrived, it was slightly disheartening to see the whole place was a building site, and even more disheartening to realise that despite being about a hundred meters from the famous stones, we couldn’t actually see them unless we paid English Heritage an extortionate sum of money.

Declining that opportunity, I did manage to get the excellent view you can see above through a fence some builders had put up.

It wasn’t the most exciting trip I’ve ever had; unless you’re prepared to pay for the privilege, I wouldn’t be too ready to recommend Stonehenge as a place to stop, especially for lunch.