Snow & Tradition

It’s been snowing the last couple of days which, asides from making getting anywhere extremely difficult, has also meant I went out and took the same pictures I always take whenever it snows, at the woods near my house.

It did feel like a little bit of a redundant trip when I marched out in the cold earlier to snap some pics as I’ve already got identical photos from years before, but it’s more like a tradition now, which makes it fine 😉

On account of not being able to find any batteries for my camera, I went out armed with just my phone. Hopefully this should be the last weekend I use my current phone; I caved and ordered one of the shiny new Nexus 4s nearly seven weeks ago now, which means the 5-6 week “wait time” for delivery is nearly up.

Whether my naive hope that Google will suddenly manage to deliver the phone in the final two days of the six week period which they gave themselves is yet to be confirmed, mind. If it does arrive, I might be able to get out and take some better pictures in the snow! The same pictures as I took today, just “better”.

Or I could just charge some batteries for my camera. Idk. Apologies for the poor-quality entry this week 😛

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