Morocco 2019: Marrakech, Sahara, and Essaouira

We visited Morocco in Spring 2019 for much the same reason a lot of people are going at the moment: it’s the nearest most different place you can get to on a budget flight from the UK, it looks really interesting (totally different culture! You can go to the desert!), and it looks really great too. Morocco, perhaps more than any place I’ve traveled to looks fantastic in blog, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

And, it’s a great mix! Tourism is booming and twentysomethings like us who want something different, a little bit of adventure – and the photos – are coming in droves.

We had a week in which we went to Marrakech, a three days/two nights trip to the Sahara, and a day trip to Essaouira. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I can happily recommend it. We probably spent slightly too long in Marrakech but only because we’re not too good at “being on holiday”; a morning reading my book is lovely but I need to do things!

Morocco really is a photogenic place. These are some of the photos from Marrakech.

One of the main reasons Marrakech was on my radar was I’d read a post on a tour to the Sahara a couple of years ago. This was the main thing we wanted to do, and it really didn’t disappoint. We did the well-traveled tourist route of Marrakech → Atlas Mountains → Ait Benhaddou → Tinghir → Merzouga, and then all the way back again. It was pretty remakarable, and these are some of the photos.

And then for our second-to-last day we visited Essaouira, a town on the coast. It was fantastic! A day felt like enough time. It was nice to get away from the bustle of Marrakech, and it was a dream place for street photography.

Pretty great trip!