On a new Medium

I was very excited to find in my inbox last week an invite to an invite to the very interesting new publishing platform from Blogger and Twitter founder Ev Williams, Medium. As applications were invite-only, I hadn’t really been expecting to hear anything, and I only vaguely remember even signing up, but still. An invite’s an invite!

One should note that the invite-only method of lunching a web application never fails to generate a false sense of excitement, superiority and exclusivity in the people granted access, and I thus logged into the exclusive Medium club feeling superior.

Feeling the need to contribute something, last Thursday evening I sat down to write a piece I’ve been wanting to write for about three months;  I had a really good idea for the title and the first line, and sadly I’d never really got further than that. I ended up re-writing the whole thing three times over the course of as many hours, but it’s turned out well in the end. If you’ve got a minute, my first post on Medium is well worth a read: Imagined Communities.

I’m not quite sure what I make of Medium, but it’s certainly interesting, and I’d definitely like to write there a couple more times before figuring out what it is I’m doing and indeed what it is the platform is doing.