A couple of months ago I published a post called “Now“, highlighting the things I was doing now, when now was then. I was in the midst of the final year of my degree when I wrote the post so wanted to update with what’s happening next.

The big news is I’m now a graduand and will be setting out on my own to be a self-employed freelancer who does WordPress-based writing, marketing and teaching.

My degree in Politics and International Studies will be put to excellent use making snarky comments on Twitter, but for the moment at least, that’s it.

I’ve got a couple of clients and projects lined up but have space for a couple more so get in touch if you think we should be working together. I’m excited to look at new options and projects.

In the immediate future I’ll be undertaking another backpacking trip, this time visiting Japan. After that I’m moving into a non-student flat (which is momentous indeed – no more living in squalour!) and will be getting stuck in to my new working reality.

Being self-employed brings about a degree of uncertainty but right now I’m 22 and I have comparatively little to lose right now, so now’s the time to do it.

I’m very much looking forward to having some time off in Japan and bringing some focus to where the next year or two are going. After that – can’t wait to get stuck in and get moving on what’s next.

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