Back home; breaking rules

So, one of the things I wanted to do with this blog was write once per week. Dear reader, you may note I’ve not posted anything for the last two weeks, and I’ve thus failed at my valiant aim. Well, kinda. See, I’ve just got back from a lovely fortnight in Switzerland, and whilst they do have internet in Switzerland, sadly there wasn’t any internet I was able to particularly accessibly use, save for the occasional twenty minutes of surfing one got when catching the local cable-car replacement bus service, which conveniently had free wifi.

I’d say that was a fairly reasonable excuse.

Being sans-internet produced the same results as it normally does; I started reading more — a lot more — being more sociable, writing (pen 2 paper style) and taking a sudden interest in Masterchef on BBC 1. I also had a series of long, hard thinks about how I was going to manage all of this digital stuff I was without. I’m in an important period for me personally; at the very start of the month I finished up at Miniclip, and I’ve now got a couple of weeks off, before I’m off to start University, something I want to make sure I’m in a position to enjoy as much as possible.

Sadly, that’s going to mean I can’t do everything I’d like to do, nor can I continue all the things I have been doing; I’ll essentially have to cut a chunk of my freelance work and blogging in order to free up some time and reduce obligations. That’s certainly going to have implications for the likes of WPShout, which I’ve been neglecting too much of late as it is. I’ve got a couple of options with Shout, but that’s definitely something for another time.

Right now, I need to sit down and work out what’s important; what can stay, what has to go. Spring cleaning, if you will, just it’s not spring. In doing so, gotta break some rules, y’know?