Snow & Tradition

It’s been snowing the last couple of days which, asides from making getting anywhere extremely difficult, has also meant I went out and took the same pictures I always take whenever it snows, at the woods near my house.

It did feel like a little bit of a redundant trip when I marched out in the cold earlier to snap some pics as I’ve already got identical photos from years before, but it’s more like a tradition now, which makes it fine 😉

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I’ve Always Wanted A Blog

It feels a little clichéd to be starting a new project on the first of January, but alas, that’s what I’m doing. For a while now I’ve wanted a “personal” blog outlet, and thus, that’s what this is. Hello, welcome!

I’ve toyed with the idea of making this a “project 365” style endeavour, where I’d be obliged to write once a day, every day, but when I’ve seen other people attempt such projects they’ve nearly always burnt out after two, three or four months. I’ll admit, it’s unlikely I’d manage a whole year, so I’ve taken the valiant decision not to even attempt it.

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