Driverless Cars And Stupid People

I read an interesting article on Forbes the other day, about how Google’s driverless cars are going to revolutionise car travel as we know it by reducing accidents, making cars more efficient and reducing the number of cars.

These are all excellent points, and the sooner cars become intelligent, the better; this morning whilst I was driving to drop Heather off, an old man in a Citroen pulled out in front of me at a mini-roundabout when it was my right of way, stopped in the middle of the roundabout to apologise and then drove off.

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Snow & Tradition

It’s been snowing the last couple of days which, asides from making getting anywhere extremely difficult, has also meant I went out and took the same pictures I always take whenever it snows, at the woods near my house.

It did feel like a little bit of a redundant trip when I marched out in the cold earlier to snap some pics as I’ve already got identical photos from years before, but it’s more like a tradition now, which makes it fine 😉

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I’ve Always Wanted A Blog

It feels a little clichéd to be starting a new project on the first of January, but alas, that’s what I’m doing. For a while now I’ve wanted a “personal” blog outlet, and thus, that’s what this is. Hello, welcome!

I’ve toyed with the idea of making this a “project 365” style endeavour, where I’d be obliged to write once a day, every day, but when I’ve seen other people attempt such projects they’ve nearly always burnt out after two, three or four months. I’ll admit, it’s unlikely I’d manage a whole year, so I’ve taken the valiant decision not to even attempt it.

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